My teaching draws on my position as a teacher and scholar who has worked with undergraduate and graduate students both in North America and Europe. As a teacher, I have more than eight years of experience that involves devising and teaching a writing-intensive freshman seminar at Villanova University, courses in theatre appreciation and theatre design history at University of South Carolina, and courses in history of world theatre and drama, contemporary styles of direction, and research methods in theatre studies at Masaryk University and the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts (both in the Czech Republic).


Selected Courses Taught

  • ACS 1001: Augustine and Culture Seminar: Moderns (Villanova University)

Intensive first-year program of critical writing, reading and discussion based on selected modern texts. Authors include W. Shakespeare, T. Hobbes, J. Austen, W. Goethe, D. Day, M. Luther King, and M. Kundera.

  • THEA 200: Understanding and Appreciation of Theatre (University of South Carolina)

This course is designed for non-majors in theatre to introduce them to the experience of theatre, its elements and processes, and develop their skills in understanding and interpreting a performance.

  • THEA 796: Special Topics in Theatre: History of Scenography (University of South Carolina)

In this graduate course students engaged with the key moments, concepts, productions and personalities of the 20th and 21st century scenography and theatre design in Europe and the United States to develop their critical thinking in the area of theatre design, and to articulate their own artistic practices in relation to historical styles and tendencies in theatre and performance.

  • Shakespeare in Contemporary Performance Design (Masaryk University)

In this project-driven course students researched, collected, and analyzed recent and contemporary local stagings of Shakespeare’s plays, focusing on the design elements of the performance.

  • Space and Vision in Theatre (Masaryk University)

In this seminar students discussed ideas of vision and perception of space by authors such as W. J. T. Mitchell, M. Foucault and J. Rancière to analyze selected theatre performances.

  • Scenographer Josef Svoboda’s Masterworks (Masaryk University)

The course took as a case study the work of Josef Svoboda, the internationally renowned theatre designer, to introduce students to the methods of working with theatre archive, reconstruction of theatre production, and performance analysis.

  • Introduction to Theory of Scenography (Masaryk University)

The course focused on the development of ideas on visual component in performance as systematized by Czech Structuralist school.                              

  • Approaches in Contemporary Directing (Masaryk University)

A collaborative course; designed sections on the work of Robert Lepage, Elizabeth Compte and Wooster Group.

  • BA. and M.F.A. Thesis Research and Academic Writing Seminars (Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts)

In these seminars, students developed their skills in academic writing and critical reading while being introduced to research methods in theatre studies.


Invited talks and guest lectures

I have been invited to give talks about Josef Svoboda’s work and Czechoslovak theatre design at universities and theatre academies in the Czech Republic, Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. My most recent talk has been “Scenographic Exhibit Shakespeare in Prague: The Insight of the Curator” (Masaryk University, 2017).